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How to set extra charge limit into eZee Frontdesk 7.0?

Here you can set below two Charge posting limit: Extra Charge Posting Type & Settings for POS Charge Posting are unlimited, up to folio balance and upto credit Limit.

Please refer below screenshot whereby you can set extra charge limit

eZee Frontedesk >> Edit Transaction / Room >> Folio Summary >> Select & Edit Folio

Extra Charge Posting Type to Unlimited, Up to Folio Balance or Up to Credit Limit.

to Unlimited, Up to Folio Balance or Up to Credit Limit.


Except for admin user, Other users will not be able to post then set amount.

Scenario :

A request from Restaurant manager “Do not post charges than limit charges for the particular room”:

If guest is from room and guest is having food in Restaurant, Now Restaurant manager deciding to post some specified charges on room which are limited,

So in that scenario we can set those charges limit into the Room >> Folio >> Setting for POS Charges Posting

– This will help us to privilege that particular will not be able to post charges in the room.

So please refer below screenshot whereby I have set credit limit to 2000

Now I am doing settlement this room from restaurant to this room with amount more than 2000 so below is the message I will get.

Now according to above, the message I can able to make the settlement even though I have set credit limit but its just showing pop up.

But if I will set below privilege for the particular user.

It won’t allow posting charges on that room.