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How to set commission plan in optimus

What is commission Plan?

A commission plan is a payment structure designed to attract and retain employees or other sources of revenue.

How to Create a Commission plan in optimus

Step 1: Switched to back – click on Masters – Select the commission plan option

Step 2: To create a new Commission plan, click the + sign. Now you will get some options.

  1. Name: We can add the name of the commission plan (Ex: Zomato Commission Plan, waiters commission )
  2. Type : Here you can add the name and type of commission (percentage or amount),
  3. Inclusive Tax : If you want the commission inclusive of tax so you can check mark this option.
  4. Minimum Order Value : We can set the minimum order value(the minimum amount that you require customers to spend in your restaurant) then only commission will be applicable
  5. Commission Amount /percentage : Here we can add the amount or percentage of commission

Step 3: You can give waiters this commission option by selecting the commission plan when creating the waiters.

Step 4. If you have any other business sources (for example, tour guides, Zomato, Swiggy, etc.), we can add the commission plan to the business source.

Please click on the link below to create the business source.

Link :

Step 5. Now you can take orders. If they are for waiters, select the waiters, or if they are from any source, select the business source while taking orders.

Step 6. You can now refer the listed reports if you want to see the amount or percentage of commission.

  • Sales Commission Details
  • Sales Commission Summary

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