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How to send purchase order copy on email to the vendor from eZee Optimus?

eZee Optimus is offering the inventory management and store transaction facility which includes purchases from the vendors, stock receive etc.

While, dealing with vendors the purchase order comes into picture when requesting goods in desired quantity. In today’s world where everything is digital, we are providing the same facility through eZee software. Here the store manager created a purchase order, the very next moment, it will be sent over email to the vendor as well requesting goods. Process will be fast, paperless and smooth.

In order send the purchase orders to the various vendors, There are some one time configuration steps which are important and listed as below.

Path: Configuration and set up will be done from the eZee Optimus back end.

User privileges required: 1. In Back office section access to Account, access to Email/SMS Providers, access to Setting, access to Email/SMS template. 2. In  Configuration section, Access to Back office. 3. In front office section, Access to Purchase order

There are some steps of configuration which are must in order shoot an email to the vendor with Purchase order as below:

Step-1:  SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) should be enable to send the secure emails from the eZee Optimus.

Step-2: Email address of the sender (Hotelier or Managers email address) should be added to the section Email/SMS providers and it should be verified through AWS (Amazon Web Services).

Step-3:Add the Email address of the sender

On Save, It will notify for email verification

Step-4: Email address will be added with Verification status as “Pending”

Step-5: Login to Email account to verify the email address of the sender

Step-6: Click on the link to verify the email address

Step-7: Verification process completed

Step-8: Status updated as “verified”

Step-9: Supplier email address should be added in profile to receive an email

Step-10: Template should be configured for the Purchase order

Step-11: At the store/Outlet level we need to select the verified email address with purchase order template

Step-12: Approval for Purchase order should be check marked

If the above setting is active,Then and then only the Email button will be appear in the PO list from where user can manually send the PO.


Step-1: Go to eZee Optimus inventory management, Create the Purchase order and Save. Select the purchase order by tick mark, click on Email button to shoot an email to the vendor.

Vendor will receive the Purchase order as below.

Please get in touch with us on Live chat support if any of the step is not clear to you. We will be there to help you with our queries.

Thank You.