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How to reset bill/receipt number and prefix in eZee Frontdesk 7.0?

What is reset  Invoice Number?
We want to reset our invoice numbering with 001 as per new financial year

Example: 31st March is my last day of the last financial year and 1st April is the new financial year.
31st  March Invoice No. – INV1230
1st April Invoice No. – INV001

eZee FrontDesk Configuration >> Advance Settings >> General >> Document Settings >> Advance Prefix Settings

How to access:
Please refer below screenshots to reset Bill / Invoice number and prefix

Note: Kindly perform these settings on the server machine, and restart the eZee software after saving the configuration.

Screenshot 1:
1. Type of Number – Auto ( Automatically Invoice number will come) / Manual ( You have to manually add number on invoice)
Set advance prefix settings as per your requirement
2. Advance prefix settings – None (Always number sequence will continue) , Yearly (Number will reset on yearly basis) , Monthly ( Set number will start on 1st date in every month) , Daily ( Everyday your number start with set invoice setting)
3. Prefix – Text that you want before bill number
4. Start# – Your bill start number