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How to Refund in eZee Absolute?

Whenever you need to refund any amount to a guest, you need to make payment as you do in a normal way, but just make refund charges in negative.
When you post charges in a negative, the system will consider as a Refund.

How to access: In order to refund a guest refer to the below video and the steps.

Location: eZee Absolute front office >>  Edit Transaction  >>  Folio Operations >> Add Payment >> Select payment type (on which you are looking to refund)  >> Add.

User Privileges: eZee absolute configuration  >>  User  >>  Edit  User >> Privileges  >> Front Office  >> Access to Allow Refund Payments

You have Rs 300 to refund, and you are giving that by cash, then you can select Cash –> Cash, mention -300 in Amount and Add.

You can see a Refund remark in a description and in the system it will also count as a Refund.

Report: For refund payments, we can refer to the daily refund report in which we can see the refund.