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How to re-active any Cancelled reservations after night audit?

After the night audit, any booking which was Canceled and you want to active it, you can use this option, after you active Canceled booking, it will have new arrival the same as a current working date.

Location: Front Office >> Reservation List >> Search for Cancled Reservation >> Click on Reservation >> Active Booking.

1. Go to Front Office >> Reservation List Click on the search option to search that reservation, If the reservation is of past date then you have to unmark Arrival box and search with Res Date make sure to select status as canceled for the easy filter.

2. You can search for the reservation from the universal search option.

Once you find that reservation which you want to Re-activate just right-click on the reservation and you will get an option to activate the booking.

Note: Re-active Booking will only make Reservation Active according to the working date. It cannot be active in the past date.