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How to process Travel Agent Commission for Past bookings?

In order to post commission for past booking, which we insert using Insert Transaction, you can still post-commission for them by the below information, even in past booking in which you forgot to update Travel agent or post commission, you can do it.

How to Access: In order to process the Travel agent Commission operation for the past booking please follow the below video and steps.

Location: eZee absolute PMS Stay view>> Cashiering>> Cashiering Center

User Privilege: eZee absolute configuration >> User >> Edit user >> Privileges >> Cashiering >> Access to City Ledger Payment Feature.

Path: From Stay view click on  >> Cashiering >> Select Cashiering Center

Step 1: Click on Cashiering and select the cashiering center option


Step 2: Select Travel agent which you want to post the commission for a past date,  next posting date, and checkmark the option Pending Travel agent Commission to see the past bookings travel agent commission.

Note: “Pending Travel agent Commission” Checkbox will be displayed only when the user selects the Travel agent.


Step 3: Click on the data which you want to post the commission for a travel agent and click on the Post Commission button to post the commission for the reservation



When you need this feature?

Previously, our system allows Travel agent commission posting on checkout only. We don’t have any provision in the system to process TA Commissions for the below cases.

  1. Upon client request, account managers import bookings in past dates and if those are added without travel agents and later users add TA on bookings post-checkout, then commissions are not posted for those bookings.
  2. Clients may forget to add TA while taking bookings and after the guest checks out, this fact comes to their attention, and then they manually add TA, but commissions will not be posted in this case.
  3. Hoteliers are not aware of commission posting when they enroll with PMS. So in some cases after using our system for some days, they realize or upon guiding by our support, they start following the same. But to settle down accounts, sometimes, they request to add commission for past checkout bookings.
  4. Mistakenly front office users voids posted commissions and then requests us to post commission with either the same TA or changed TA.

To solve the above cases, we are introducing this feature to post pending travel agent commission. Which we provided in Cashiering -> Cashiering Center.