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How to print reports from rapid serve?

First, define the peripheral from the eZee Optimus backend to print reports from Rapid serve application.

  1. Switch to back>> Go to Settings >> Virtual Device >> Add Mini report printer

2. Now go to Terminal and add a printer device to print reports from Rapid Serve. Select the options as given screenshot based on the connection type.

  1. EOP V2 : Browser-based printing


  1. Device name: Printer name
  2. Link:
  3. Port: 8008

2. Bluetooth: Printing from Bluetooth Printer. It will support to only Android bluetooth Device.


  1. Printer Name
  2. Bluetooth Address: You can get it from an Android device
  3. Print width: 18 ( keep Based on paper size )

3. Network printer: When the printer is in-network with the mobile device you can use this option to print directly from Rapid serve.


  1. IP address: Printer IP address. press and hold the power and print button simultaneously for few seconds to get this address.
  2. width: 25 ( based on paper size )

3. Once device setup is done and test printed successfully from Device mapping, You can print the mini-report from Rapid Serve.

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