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How to Print Invoice in eZee Absolute?


To print booking Invoice/bill, you can print from multiple locations, please refer below details to print it.

To Print Invoice from Stay view: follow below path and screenshot.

 Hover the Transaction >> Print Icon >> Select the folio >> Print

 To Print Invoice from Edit transaction:

 Hover on the reservation >> Edit Transaction >> Print Invoice >> Folio – Select the folio >> Print  

To Print Invoice from Reservation List:

Front Office >> Reservation List >> Click on Reservation >> Print Invoice

To Print Invoice from Arrival List:

Front Office >> Arrival List >> Click on Reservation >> Print Invoice

To Print Invoice from Departure List:

Front Office >> Departure List >> Click on Reservation >> Print Invoice

 Print Folio from Folio operation:

To Print Invoice for a particular folio from Edit transaction >> Folio Details.

 Edit Transaction >> Folio Details >> Folio Operation >> Print

 Explain of each option in the Print Folio window:


 1. Selection of the invoice template. There will two option once will be a regular invoice and the other once will be the summarized template.

2. Zero rate invoice are used only in Indian properties who serving the guests from special economic zone, where the Tax rate is ‘0’ that means no tax is collected and a special notice has to be added.

3. Selection of the currency that is configured in eZee Absolute.

4. Selection of Folio, you can print individual invoices for an individual folio that are created. The invoice will be printed for the folio that is selected in this box.