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How to perform Stock Adjustment in eZee Optimus?

Stock Adjustment is removing and adding some qty from the current stock of the item. Accordingly the stock will vary when we check the Stock Report

Please refer to the below screen shot to add stock adjustments.

  1. In the Stock adjustment click on “+” sign.

2. Now we have a 3 types for Adjustment .

1. Consumption : If you have used this item, you should consume food. thus you can factor in consumption

2. Wastage : If you wish to change the stock action or method of losing or destroying, you may do it here.

3. Adjustment : If you just want to adjust the stock, you may utilize this option.

Select accordingly,

3. Click on add item to adjust the stock.

Now enter the quantity you want to adjust and save it.

Check the reports now that your stock has been modified.

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