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How to perform Night audit or Day close in eZee Absolute 2.0?

Night audit is the process of day close, Many Hoteliers also called it Day Close process which allows the user to change working date and post charges for the same date. This process contains pending action on Reservation, Check-out, settlement, and posting charges, It is necessary to perform a Night audit because without this working date will not change and the user can’t manage the daily operation.

To perform the Night audit below 6 steps, we need to take care of.

  1. Pending Reservation
  2. Release Reservation
  3. Room status
  4. Unsettled Folios
  5. Nightly Charge
  6. Create New day

How to access:  In order to perform a night audit refer to the below video and steps.

User Privileges: eZee Absolute Configuration >> User >> Edit User >> Privileges >> Front Office >> Access to night audit.

Location: Login into eZee Absolute >> Click on ≡ (three lines) >> Front Office >> Night Audit.

Step 1 :

Take action on pending reservation (where action may be Mark No-Show, Cancel Reservation, Void Reservation, Assign Room, and Check-in)The first steps checks for any pending reservations for the day, which is currently showing as the working date on eZee Absolute. If there are any reservations at all, which need your attention, they will be listed here with all the basic details and the ‘Action Column’ asking for the action to be taken on the pending reservations. You can void, cancel, mark as No show or do a check-in for the reservation listed. Take the required action, save the changes, and click NEXT to move ahead to the next step of Night Audit.  We can also post No-Show Charge and Cancellation Charge

Step 2 :  

This step is to release booking for which we have set release date for the bookings. You had to define the release date and percentage of advance for that booking, if you get that advance you can collect and post if you did not get advance you can cancel that booking, else you can change the release date. Select your action and clear release reservation then click on NEXT.

Step 3 :

Room Status – Have a glance at all of your rooms (In-House, Due, Block, etc).

Here, action (check-out/amend stay) needs to be taken on the rooms that are supposed to check-out today.

This screen will list all the occupied rooms with the guest’s names along with the arrival and departure information, balance, and room status. The Action Column here on this screen has the option to either amend the stay or do a checkout. The check-out can be performed on zero balance rooms directly from here. If the room balance is non-zero, you will have to go room, clear the outstanding balance, and then check out the guest from the room.

Take the required action, save the changes, and click NEXT to move ahead to the next step of Night Audit.

Step 4 : 

If you have any Unsettle folios on this date, you can see a list of Folios here, you need to click on three dotted lines, once all unsettle folios are settled, there will be no list there and then you can click on NEXT.

Step 5: 

This screen will list all the occupied rooms with the guest names and the folio numbers along with the description and the amount of the night charge for the working date displayed. You can select the rooms, that you want the charges to post or simply do a select all and click on “Post” button to post the charges to the listed rooms. Once the required action has been taken, click on next to move to the final step of Night Audit.

Night Charge >> Select All >> Post >> Next

Step 6 : 

The last step creates a new day by closing the day for which you were doing the Night Audit. After the Night Audit is completed, the data for the last working date will be frozen.

Create a New day >> Finish

Once you agree to this and click on the Finish button, the Night Audit wizard closes and the working date on the Front Office
console of eZee Absolute changes to a new date.

Report: We can refer to the night audit report in which we can see all the details and charges for a day.