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How to perform Day Close (Single/multiple outlet) operation in eZee Optimus?

What is Day Close?
Restaurant operations need to settle up at the end of day (or shift). This means making sure all reported revenue reports for the day match payments, credit, refunds, cash, etc and floating cash sums. Variances have to be noted. Settlement accounting or reports need to be generated and saved for historical review.

Welcome Screen >> Single outlet Day Close or Multiple Outlet Day close


How to Access:
In the eZee Optimus POS system, Day close can be performed in 2 ways (1) Single outlet wise and (2) Multiple Outlet day close at one time. Day close operation is optional and depends on the property if they would like to do the day close process.

(A) Single Outlet Day Close Process :
Step 1: Tap on Single Outlet day close button to proceed with day close for the current outlet,  a list will pop up which contains the Open Orders(If there is any). User need to take an action on the open order either settle or void.

Step 2: After taking action on open orders. Click on Next to proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Click on Finish to complete the day close process

(B) Multiple Outlet Day Close Process :

All the outlets will be listed down for day close process. There should not be any open or running order. If there is any open order then the system won’t allow the user to perform day close for that outlet. The user has to settle or void the open bill to continue the day close process.

Click on Finish to perform Day Close Process.

             Optimus 2.0 Desktop Application



Step 1:
 Click on the Navigation tab >> Select Day Close option available under Manager sedction. 

Step 2: Settle or Void open order by referring the below screenshot. 

Step 3: Click on Next proceed with next step of Day close

Step 4: Click on Finish button to complete Day close process.