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How to move charges from one room to another room in eZee Absolute?

To move some Room charges or extra charges from one room to another room you can use Move option available in Folio details.

User Privilege: eZee absolute configuration >> User >> Edit user >> Privileges >> Cashering >> Transfer item from Folio.


Path: Edit Transaction >> Folio Detail (Tab) >> (Select) All charge you want to move >> Click on Move  >> (Search) For Room/Folio you want to move >> (Select) Folio >> (Click on) Search.


Report: After move Room/Extra charges, if you want to see in Report, you can refer Audit Trails Report, In this report, you can refer Operation: Move Folio, from there you can check which charges move from which folio.

For example, if you refer above Screenshot, below details you get from the report.

  1. Moved Folio: A Folio from you move charges
  2. Charges: A charges which you move from one folio to another
  3. Target Folio: A Folio in which we moved charges
  4. User: A User who move charges.