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How to Merge the Order in eZeee Optimus ?

What is Marge Option in Optimus?

If we wanted to combine different orders, we can use the merge option on the Optimus side.

How to perform the merge Operation?

Step 1: Click on the Order summary

Step 2: Now, choose the orders you wish to merge and click the merge option.

Step 3: Now it will ask you to select the parent order.

Note: If you have applied the Discount & extra charge , so it will be discarded when you perform the merge option.

Step 4: Now Your order is merged both previous order will be deleted & create the new order.

Step 5: If you have taken the 2 orders from the same table then you can marge from the dine-in also.

From here we can merge the order , we can merge & settle the order & we can merge & print the orders.

After selecting this option, your order will be merged.

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