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How to add & map(assign) city ledger payment against the folio in the eZee Absolute?

What is City Ledger Advance payment or folio mapping?
This is a credit/company/hotelier/ Direct Billing account on which guest folio charges will be posted for the moment to perform guest checkout. Hotelier received payment from add payment and map city ledger folio with payment receive from city ledger. 

Received from City Ledger : Travel Agent/ Company Name / Room Owner

How to Access: In order to add/map the payment received from the city ledger/ Travel agent account follow the below steps and video.

Location: eZee Absolute  >> Cashiering  >> Cashiering center or City Ledger Payment

PrerequisiteeZee Absolute  >> Cashiering >> Travel agent database / Company Database

User Privilege: eZee absolute >> Go to Configuration >> User >> Edit user >> Privileges >> Cashiering >> Access to City Ledger Payment Feature

Screenshot 1: Go to Cashiering >> Cashiering Center

Screenshot 2: Search city ledger account / TA / Room Owner by with posting date, Receipt No., Mapping and add new payment

Screenshot 3: Here map payment with respective folios or incidental invoices by using posting posting date search and Tick Mark on Date box, assign and save it

Map Payment Directly:

Screenshot 1: By clicking on individual payment records from the cashiering center, you get a list of various operations you can perform like Void, Map Payment and Print Receipt

Icons: Red icon : Unpaid Folios, Green Icon : Partial Paid and Yellow Icon: Paid

Screenshot 2: Tick mark on date and select with

  • Manual:  Assign payment manually under folios
  • By balance: Automatic Payment mapping done with folios as per balance
  • Proportional: Payment will equally map with all the folios in the list
    Ex: Assigned 100$ as Payment/  5 as Bookings = 20$ each folios