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How to log in to eZee Optimus?

There are 2 versions of eZee Optimus available which a user can use.

  1. Optimus web version(Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge, etc).
  2. Optimus Desktop Application.

Let’s check out both the ways in detail.

Method 1Log in with the link!/login/ , Enter the log in credentials or use the PIN  as per the screenshot below for the ezee Optimus web version:

Method 2Log in using the pin if it is enabled for the property and users by following the screenshot as follows:


Step 2: After login, select the terminal and outlet, select the one which you want to log in with, once you click on get me in it will redirect you to front page of Optimus web version.


                      Optimus 2.0(Desktop App)

Step 1: Below process is to login with the Optimus 2.0 application, attached the download link for optimus 2.0 here –

  • Enter the log in credentials to log in to the system

Step 2: In the next step, select the terminal and outlet, so you can get into the system front end of Optimus 2.0