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How to hold item and fire item manually in eZee Optimus?

What is Hold Item?

Hold item and Fire item are basically the communication between the restaurant and the kitchen. Suppose the guest orders 3 items(Noodles, Chicken, and dessert). Now the guest requests to serve Noodles first, followed by Chicken and dessert.

Hold Item: Hold operation is used to hold a particular item by not displaying these items in KOT. Thus the kitchen staff will not prepare these items as this is not mentioned in the KOT sent by the restaurant.  In this case, it will hold chicken and dessert.

Fire Item: Fire operation is used to unhold the items, which means using this operation the item is to be served to the guest, by first generating its KOT with the help of which the Kitchen staff will prepare the item. In this case, it will fire chicken first and then dessert.

eZee Optimus >> Dine In >> Punch Item >> Hold Item 

How to Access:
In order to hold the particular item, Refer to the below-mentioned steps for the same:

Step 1: Punch Items and click on item to hold it

Step 2: Click on Hold item

Step 3: Hold item will be highlighted with different color

Step 4: Fire item by clicking on already hold item.

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