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How to give or remove discount on Group booking in eZee Absolute?

You can give a discount on all Group booking at once, not needed to open each individual group booking and give them a discount.

How to Access: In order to give or remove the discount on Group booking please follow the below steps and video.

Pre-requisite: eZee Absolute Configuration >> Master >> General >> Discounts.

User Privilege: eZee absolute configuration >> User >> Edit user >> Discount >> select the discount from the list >> Click on Save button.

Location: eZee absolute >> Group reservation OR Stay view >> Edit group

Screenshot 1: Edit Group >> Room Information >> Select folio for which you want to apply discount >> Operations >> Group Discount

Screenshot 2: Select Discount and apply a discount rule as per the below screenshot.

The same way, if there is a group discount apply on Group booking and you want to remove it, you can do it from Edit Group., you can remove the discount from all Group Booking or selected rooms from that group at the same time.

Screenshot 3: Edit Group >> Room Information >> Select Booking you want to give discount >> Options >> Group Discount >> Select discount which you want to remove.

Screenshot 4: Select Delete option from an apply discount as per below screenshot

Report: Select Detail Discount Report from the Report tab under Back Office Report Tab.