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How to Generate QR (Contactless) for takeaway & Delivery Order Type

What is Contactless (QR Code) Ordering?

Contactless Ordering (QR Code): Contactless menus feature QR codes that customers point at and scan with their smartphone’s camera, taking them to an online digital menu where they can browse food and drink options.

How to Generate QR (Contactless) for takeaway & Delivery Order Type

Click on the below link for activating the QR code in the Takeaway & Room service.

Link :

For the Takeaway & delivery First we have to generate the Menu link .

In the takeaway and delivery areas, guests can place the orders & when we received then order will come under takeaway & Delivery order type.

Takeaway guest can place a order on the Reception area using this qr code.

We can use this Qr for delivery for social media & websites for promotional process.

Please follow the listed Steps.

  1. Click on contactless Qr ordering & click on “+” icon

2. Now Choose the Menu link option and mark the box if you want takeaway or delivery (If you are going to use for both select the takeaway & delivery Both )

3.Add the Outlet Details

5. After you’ve saved the Qr, click on the copy link. Now you may place the Qr at the front area so that takeaway customers can check all of the items. 

You may use this QR code or link for marketing Activity for delivery, so guests can see what items are available in the restaurant.

You can download & print the Qr.

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