How to enable automated Green Tax for Maldives properties?

In Maldives,

Green Tax is calculated as $3/pax/night for a guest house and $6/pax/night for hotels & resorts.

This green tax is applicable only on Tourist if they stay more than 12-hour rule, System will check whether the guest is Tourist, Local or Work Permit Holder.

 if it is selected as Tourist, Green Tax will be applied.
if it is selected as Local, Green Tax will NOT be applied.
if it is selected as Work permit holder, Green Tax will NOT be applied.
if nothing is selected, the system will treat that it is not a tourist so automatic exempt will be done

 Now how the system will know the guest category, so there is one VIP Status where we have defined the no.
1,2 and 3

As per govt, this number is fixed, 1 is for tourist, 2 is for Local and 3 is for Work permit holder, so while taking booking or after booking comes, we need to add the sharer and in every sharer, there will be VIP Status field where a user needs to select this.

 Previously it was manually exemption, and finally, we have resolved the issue of the Green Tax where automatic exemption will be done

How to enable it?

From Config, we need to configure that for which guest category, a green tax must be applied.


Once this is configured, it will be an automatic exemption.