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How to do eZee Reservation + Frontdesk (eR+FD) configuration in eZee Frontdesk?

What is eR + FD?
eR + FD interface is helpful to download all booking from channel manager to FD PMS.

Note: It can be perform on TLS SP version

Pre requisite: 
Below condition must be followed 
1. Authorization code :
Check crm ticket for Authorization code, added by Account person.

2. Reservation Module license :  Need Web Reservation Module license on server machine
3. Web Reservation URL should be Https
4. Configure All room type & rate and more in the channel manager before interface

eZee Frontdesk Configuration >> Advance Settings >> Integration

How to Access:
Follow below steps to do interface with channel manager

Screenshot 1:  Do mapping and take screenshotReservation engine: Choose Reservation engine & Centrix Interface (Ver. 3)
Hotel Code: Get it from Account team or Search in Channel Management in CRM
Authorization code: Get it from CRM ticket or contact account team
Web Reservation URL:”
if it is not https: then contact on live support
Select Push Web Inventory option, in order to push the inventory from the Frontdesk
Note: If inventory will be managed by Frontdesk and related option has been selected from eZee Booking Engine or Channel Manager
Select Void payment & Charges with Cancel as remove all charges from frontdesk when booking is voided or canceled in the channel manager
Channel Web charge: Make Web / Channel extra charge and select here
Web Currency: Select your default web currency

Save it.

Screenshot 2:  Go to advance Settings >> Integration >> Setting

Screenshot 3: Map Room Type and take screenshot

Screenshot 4:  Map Rate Type and take screenshot (We need web rate type screenshot as well)
Screenshot 5:  Map Business Source and take screenshot

Screenshot 6: Extra charge and take screenshot

Screenshot 7: 
City Ledger and take screenshot

Screenshot 8:  
Payment Type and take screenshot

Screenshot 9:  Transport Mode and take screenshot

Screenshot 10:  Identity Type and take screenshot

Require to upload 10 screenshots on the ticket in CRM to get approval.

Next step is to push inventory for next year from eZee Frontdesk.
Link: How to update room inventory to channel manager from eZee Frontdesk 7.0?

Now, download the compatible WIRU and WRD tools and run in the eZee Frontdesk folder.