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How to disable Windows SmartScreen?

Windows shows “DON’T RUN” SmartScreen (UAC), when try to run SQL database doctor or installation of eZee Software, but still we can RUN (Begin) the installation, if we click on “More Info” >> “RUN Anyway” Button.

But the problem was we or client was unable to click on “More Info” option.   Below is the window feature where we can disable this SmartScreen and commence the installation.

To Turn On or Off SmartScreen for Apps and Files in Windows Defender Security Center

1. Open the Windows Defender Security Center, and click/tap on the App & browser control icon.

2. Under Check apps and files, select BlockWarn (default), or Off for what you want to set. (see screenshot below)

3. Click/tap on Yes when prompted by UAC.

4. You can now close Windows Defender Security Center if you like.

Inline image 1