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How to define room tariff (Rate Type, Business Source & Season) in eZee Frontdesk 7.0?

Room tariff is coming 0 for all the room bookings

eZee Front desk Configuration >> Property Setup >> Room Tariff  >> Define Tariff 

eZee Front desk Configuration >> Advance Settings >> Rental >> Weekend Settings

You must have to define Weekdays Rates/Weekend Rates. When you change rate, it is applied on instance basis.

Case 1:  Define rate type wise tariff
Screenshot 1:
Here choose rate type to define tariff

Case 2: Define business source wise tariff
Screenshot 1:
You need to activate Define Special Room Rates to define business source wise tariff

Screenshot 2:
Here choose business source to define tariff

Case 3: Add or revise business season wise tariff
Screenshot 1:
Please refer below screenshot to define season

Screenshot 2:
Here choose season to define tariff