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How to create vendors in eZee Optimus?

Definition: Vendor management is the process that empowers an organization to take appropriate measures for controlling cost, reducing potential risks related to vendors, ensuring excellent service deliver ability and deriving value from vendors in the long-run. So, that’s where the vendor management system comes in place.

Step by step process will educate on how to add a new vendor to proceed with related operations.

Path: eZee Optimus >> Switch to configuration >> Account .

User privileges required: 1. In Back office section, Access to Account 2. in Configuration section, Access to Back office .

Step-1:  Go to path mentioned above, which is eZee Optimus back office >> Account >> Click on “+” button add a new vendor.

Note: Mandatory fields must need to be filled in order to create a vendor. Other details can be filled up too but they are optional.

Account Name: Enter the Name of the Account for example “Walmart”

Account Holder Name: Enter the name of the concern person of that account.

Opening Balance: In case there is any credit/debit account for the account, Amount can be added.

Manage Credit limit: If restaurants/outlets wants to deal with the vendors on the basis of the credit limit to limit the purchase, this option will be in use. Store manager can raise the purchase order up to that credit limit only. outstanding will require to be clear and then only again credit purchase will be possible.

Supplier : When creating a vendor, This option must be tick marked then only it will be considered as a vendor account and user can select the created vendor for operations.

Pin: Pin code can be set for the vendor credit/debit settlement.

Personal information: Personal information of the vendor is required for the restaurant/outlet’s manager to contact the vendor or to send the purchase order and other details and for ease of communication.

Click on save button and new Vendor will be added to the list and ready to perform store operations.

Feel free to get in touch with us on live chat support if there is problem in creating a vendor.

Thank You.