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How to create reason for void in the eZee Optimus?

To void any operation, it’s must to mention the reason why a specific operation is void. Such reasons have to be mentioned in  eZee Optimus back-end.

Location: Switch to back >> Master >> Reason.

Refer to the below screen-shot

You can mention the reason and then can select a type for which do you want to add the reason.

  • Void Payment:
    To void the payment from the Optimus front.
  • Void Order:
    To void the order from the Optimus front.
  • Void order item:
    If you want to void an item from the order then you can use this type.
  • Void Extra charge:
    To void Extra charge.
  • Cancel Order:
    To cancel the Order.
  • Void inventory Transaction:
    If you want to void the inventory transaction ex: created PO or GRN.
  • Void inventory transaction item:
    If you want to void the item from the transaction eX: if you want to void the item from the created PO or GRN (If you trying to reduce the item from the PO then you can void that item from the PO).
  • Preparation remark:
    To void the preparation remark.

Note: The reason for Each type is compulsory, you need to create a separate reason for all the type we can’t use the same reason for all type when you are trying to create a reason system will allow you to select only one type.

Privilege Required:

  • Back Office >> Reason

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