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How to create rate plan from rate configuration?

What is the use of Rate Configuration?
From Rate configuration we can configure different rates for different order types for eg. “Rice & Beans Specials” item configure a different rate for Dine-in, Take away, Room service and No Charge orders.

In order to configure the rate plan please perform the below steps.

Step-1: Switch to Back
(Click on your user name >> Switch to Back)

If you are not able to see the option (Switch to Back)
Please contact your “Admin” user to give you the privilege of “Access to Back Office”

Step-2: Go to Rate Configuration and select Menu
Location: (Menu Configuration >> Rate Configuration >> (Select Menu which is configured in system”)

Step-3: Add Rate Plan (Rate List)

Step-4: Configure price of rate plan

As per the above screenshot:

Field: From field, you have to select a type of update for the rate plan please refer below for details.
Price – To update the selling price of the items for the rate plan
Cost – To update the cost price of the items for the rate plan
Inclusive & Tax group – To define tax on items as tax inclusive or tax exclusive and which tax should be applied
Discountable – For here you can define is the item applicable for discount or not.
Open Price – From here you can define the minimum and maximum selling rates of the item.

Menu Group: This option is available to sort/filter the item according to menu group

Menu Subgroup: This option is available to sort/filter the item according to menu Subgroup

: It is used to Reset the data

f(X): This option is to define factors to the Item based on Field selected for an update.

Default: It shows an actual setting of the item

Rate (This will be your rate plan name): You have to define the rates according to your requirements under its section

Once your rates are configured for the rate plan please click on “Save” to save the setting.

Step-5: To set a rate plan on the Outlet level for order type.

Step-6: To set a rate plan from the front on order type.

Once the setting is updated as per the above steps then you are ready to take orders according to rate plan rates.

Privileges required to perform this configuration:

1) Access to Back Office
2) Rate Configuration
3) Change Rate Plan

Location: (Switch to Back >> Settings >> Users >> Edit >> Privilege)