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How to create Promotion for Booking engine? (eZee Reservation/eZee Centrix)

Note: that this promotion is applicable for the website Booking engine only, This will not be applicable to connected OTAs, currently, we only support promotion for Airbnb and

Refer to the below video for how to create a promotion.

You can follow the below steps to create Promotion in eZee Centrix (New Extranet).

1. Goto New Extranet >> Click on Promotions.

2. After redirected to the promotion screen you need to select if you need to create the promotion for Booking Engine or OTA’s.

3. After selecting the Booking Engine/OTA’s you need to select which promotion you need to select from the options which are displayed on the right, we have some promotion types which you can use to create promotions like, Percentage, amount, discount on the first night, etc.

4. Basic Promotion.

4.1. You need to select the promotion type whether you want  to create percentage or Flat Amount

If you are creating the Percentage you can select the rules whether you need to provide a discount on every night, all night, etc..

4.2. If you are creating the Flat amount Promotion then you can enter the Fixed amount in the Amount box.

You can also define different amount or percentage for a desktop user or Mobile user, so someone open link in Mobile they found different promotion amount/percentage and different in Desktop.

4.3. Also, you can create daily discounts, you can define days wise discount, different discount for each and every day.

4.4. You need to enter the booking date; from which date to which date promotion should run, you can either select single dates or more than one month, you can set the Booking restriction accordingly for the promotion also.

4.5. Booking Restriction :

No Restrictions

If you select this option, there is no restriction for promotion, any guest can use numbers of time

Promotion for N Times

It will allow Guests to book No of time which you define in No if times allow, ex: if you mention 10, then this promotion only use 10 times by different Guest or single guest, after that if someone tries to use promotion 11th time, the system will not allow applying for promotion.

Stay Expiration

Note: If booker check-in & check out dates fall till expiry date over, they will be able to get this promotion discount.
Ex. Expire Date is 30th Mar 2019.

If Booker Choose Check-in date: 1st Feb 2019 to 4th Feb 2019, This will give a discount to Booker.

If Booker Choose Check-in date: 1st April 2019 to 3rd April 2019, This will not give a discount to Booker because the expire date is till 30th Mar.

As on stay expiration

Note: If the system today’s date falls till expiry date over, they will be able to get this promotion discount. It’s not connected with What Stay Date Booker has selected.

Ex. Expire Date is 25th Jan 2019. , Today’s Date is 11th Jan 2019

If Today’s Date is 11th Jan 2019 , Booker Choose Check in date : 1st Feb 2019 to 4th Feb 2019 , This will give discount to Booker.

If Today’s Date is 26th Jan 2019 , Booker Choose Check in date : 1st Feb 2019 to 4th Feb 2019 , This will not give a discount to Booker because as on today’s date already gone.

4.6. Select the Rate plans and packages on which you need to apply the promotion.

You can apply single rate plan/package or multi-pal rate plans/packages at same time, Rate plan/Package which you have selected here, particular promotion only applies for them.

4.7. Show promo : If you want to show promotion on booking engine then you can select this option.

If we enable this option, all guest can see what promotions are running on booking engine, so all guest can access it by applying, if Hotelier do not want to show publicly and promotions are only for selected guest, we can keep it disable, hotelier can send marketing email to those selected guest.

Show promotion on all Dates: 

It will show you the promotion on booking engine for all the dates, as above Image.

Show Promo only on valid dates 

It will show you the promotion of booking engine for a valid date only, which we select at Booking date.

5. All other Promotion Like Discount On First Night, Discount On Last Night, Limit Promotion For N Times and Booking Window Restrictions works as same way, you need to configured as above, they are just for specific condition, like if you select Discount on last night by default select discount on last night you do not need to configure Apply Discount on (4.1 point will be skied).