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How to create Packages in eZee Reservation for Booking engine ?

Video:- Minimum/Maximum Stay Package

Video:- pay stay deal package

Yes, We can create Package offers which your guest can prevail while doing a booking. In eZee Rise system allow you to add different types of a package like as below :

Login with eZee channel manager/Reservation and select Packages Menu from the available menu tab. Once you redirected to the Package screen you can see all the packages which we can run on the Booking engine and guests can avail of the discount.

(1) Basic Packages: Create a package on the basis of criteria like discount percent, discount amount, pay and stay deal wise packages.

You can define the package name and package description along with package shortcode for this basic Package in the above screenshot. Define package name will be displayed on your booking engine.

Booking date:– Arrival date
Select bookable dates from which guests allow to book by configuring dates. Like Hotelier want to allow this package bookable during the month of June and July any dates then you can select June and July month selection So guest can get the discount from this package.

Sell Date: Calendar date
If you are looking for Like guest can only book on the selected calendar date then you can set the sell data For that package so guests can only see if the calendar date is in the sell date. The sale date will be work on the system date. Let’s say that configure bookable date during the month of December and that package applies during the month of May only then only that guest allows to get the package after that system not allow to bookable that package.

You can give the Single Discount like percentage(%) Discount or Flat amount Discount this would be activated base on a special package selected.

>> If you are looking for Daily discounts like the different discounts from all days of the week then you can select the daily discount.

You can select a specific room & rate types along with a business source on which you want to allow these packages.

Other Restriction:
Hide associated rate Plan when this package is available? :  If the package is available then the rate plan will not show in the Booking Engine.
This Special can only be ‘Unblocked’ by a promotion code: If you are looking to unlock the package by the promotion.
Allow yield on this special? : If you are running yield and you are looking to apply on the package also then you need to enable this option.
Prepaid, Non-Cancel, Non-Refundable: If you are looking to show the caption.

You can put the Special Conditions and Specially highlighted text on the Booking Engine.
It will reflect on the Booking engine as below screenshot.

As same to the basic package, we can also create another 4 packages but the only definition will change.  So for the other packages, the definitions are as below.

(2) Last-minute/Advance-purchase Packages: Set up the validity restrictions on your last minute and advanced purchase package deals.

The Package will show for 300 days after 10 days.
From the package created date when the calendar date will be greater than 10 days then this package will show.

Within 10 days of the arrival date, the package will show on Booking Engine.

(3) Discount Packages: Configure the discount percent or the discount amount for which you’ve created the package.

You can give a percentage discount or Flat discount on this Package.

(4) Pay and Stay Deal Packages: Create packages based on pay and stay deals you run at your hotel. This Package is used if you looking that if guests for 4 nights then have to pay for 3 nights only.

In this package, you can set the night for pay and stay.
If the guest will stay for 4 night then have to pay for 3 nights charges and min nights you can put as per your need.

(5) Minimum/Maximum Stay Packages: Set up packages on the basis of deals you provide for maximum/minimum nights of stay.
In that package, you can set the minimum nights and maximum night criteria.
If the guest search for minimum nights and maximum nights in the mentioned nights on the package then only this package will show on the Booking Engine.

All other Packages Like Basic Packages, Last-minute/Advance-purchase Packages, Discount Packages, Pay and Stay Deal Packages, Minimum/Maximum Stay Packages works as same way, you need to configure as above, they are just for specific condition like if you select Discount on last night by default select discount on last night you do not need to configure Apply Discount on first point will be skied.