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How to create indent requisition and issue store items against an Indent in eZee POS BackOffice 7.0?

What is Indent:
Indent is basically raised by store, asking for materials needed which are present in the store. A Privileged employee can raise indents, requesting for items that may be required by store. After an indent is raised, the indent is sent to the authorize approval.

In this FAQ we are ordering from the kitchen store and giving an order to the central store, after that central store issues the order to the kitchen store.

eZee POS BackOffice >> Store >> Transaction >> Indent >> New

eZee POS BackOffice >> Configuration >> User Configuration >> User operation >>Edit >> Priviledge >> Material management >> Purchase managment >> Indent

How to access:
Kindly follow the below steps.

Screenshot 1: Select the store (from where you want to receive the store items), store items and add.

Screenshot 2:  After adding all store items, save the indent.

Screenshot 3: You can check the list, status of all your indent under forward indent list.

Screenshot 4: The store from which you have requested the items can see the list of indents under Received Indent List. Click on Issue to issue the items as requested.
Note: Privilege should be given to the user to authorize the indent.

Screenshot 5:

Screenshot 6: The central Store needs to select the quantity and rate as per their record, as per which status of the indent will be updated. After that click on the issue.

Screenshot 7: Check the issue voucher generated and then Save.

Screenshot 8: Click on Save and print to print the voucher.