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How to create Derived Rate plan?

Refer to a below-attached video for the same.

Derived:- It’s dependent rate plan of Parents rate plans and Parent Rate Plan has to be Master to manage rates for child rate plans. It follows the Master (Main) Rate Plan. It acts as the child Rate Plan. Rates have to be linear rates (Same difference for the Rates). With the help of this rate plan hotelier has to update rates on Master Rate Plans and according to the factor rates will get changed for another Rate Plan.

So if you have master rate plan and you need to create derived rate plan from it, you can add or multiply factor, select addition factor or Multiply factor in Rack Type and value in Rack Value. The same for extra adult and child.

EXAMPLE:-  I have a Deluxe Room which has rates of Rs. 1500 and another Room type is Super Deluxe Room which has rates Rs. 2000.

Now, In this case, I will create Deluxe Room as Independent where I will add Rack Rate as 1500.00 then for Standard Double Room I will select Rate plan as Derived where I will select Master Rate Plan as Deluxe Room and then I will add addition factor of 500 to take rates 2000 for Standard Double Room. [Refer the screenshot as per the steps]