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How to create a company/city Ledger account in eZee Absolute?

Company/City ledger: When we received booking from any company and the charges will pay later by that company so in this type of transaction we require to post that guest folio charges to company/City ledger account and to manage that company account first its require to add in the system by following below mention steps.

How to access: In Order to create a Company/City Ledger refer the below steps and video.

Location: eZee Absolute Front  >>  Cashiering  >>  Company Database  >>  Add Company

User Privileges: eZee Configuration >> User >> Edit User >> Privileges >> Front Office >> Add company.


Don’t count in city ledger, Consider only for stock purchase: If you have some vendors and you do not want to include in city ledger or company list, you can check this option. by check, this option your company counts as a vendor and you can use it in expanse voucher.


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