How to create and activate store Items in different stores in eZee POS BackOffice 6.0?

What is the store Item?
Here you can add all store item which you are purchasing from vendors and able to keep inventory stocks. Example: 

If Outlet Item: Sandwich 
then store item: Breads, Mayonnaise, Tomato, Onion etc. 

1) Select your Desired store you want to create an item in.
2) Go to Store Items >> New Store Item
3) Enter require information (Name, Unit, Item Category)
4) Activate item in Desired stores by select store and clicking on Active Button.
5) Save it.  That’s it.

Path : Go to eZee POS backoffice >> Store >> Store Item >> New.
Please follow the below GIF that will guide you with the steps to create and activate an items in different stores.