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How to create a Purchase order (PO) and Goods Receipt Note (GRN) in eZee Optimus?

Purchase order (PO): A purchase order (PO) is a commercial document and first official offer issued by a buyer to a seller indicating types, quantities, and agreed prices for products or services.

Goods Receipt Note (GRN): The goods receipt note is an internal document produced after inspecting delivery for proof of order receipt. Generally produced by stores team.

Privilege: Switch to Back>>Edit user>> Privilege>> Front office>> Purchase order>>Goods Receipt note

Steps to create PO:

  1. Select the Store from you want to create Purchase order

2. Click on Purchase order

3. Click on (+) sign

4. Select the date and supplier name

5. Add items you want to order from Selected supplier.

6. Once items are added, add the Quantity and price of it and apply the tax (if required), click on Save or Save&Print ( for printing of purchase order voucher)

you can also add extra charge ( Transportation charges ) .

7. Once it is created, there would be an option to approve as it has to be approved. Purchase order approval is the flow of actions required from various stakeholders to validate a PO and bring it into effect.

With an efficient purchase approval process, you can control costs and stock.

you can also send purchase order voucher email to supplier.

8. Once it is done, Now you can receive the goods from the supplier for the given order. It means you can create a Goods receipt note (GRN) of the given Purchase order.

9. You can select the item and Quantity you received against order quantity

10. Enter the Invoice number received from the supplier and you can also make order modifications based on the requirement.

11. Once it is done, it will show you message GRN is created successfully and Stock of ordered items will be added in Store.

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