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How to configure Revenue Breakdown in the eZee Frontdesk 7.0?

What is the revenue breakdown?
Revenue breakdown helps to know and bifurcate the Room Revenue, especially when meal plan or inclusions are included in the Room Rate. Check below example:
Room Rate                                                     4500$ 

Pick and Drop                                                  150$ 
Breakfast                                                            80$ 
Lunch                                                                100$ 
Dinner                                                               120$
Tax                                                                      50$

Room Rate with Revenue Bifurcation 5000$

How to Solve:
Refer below steps to create revenue breakdown

Screenshot 1: Please define all the revenue breakdown here

Screenshot 2: After deduction of Revenue Breakdowns, remaining amount should be considered as Room Rate.  Example, System consider pure room rate after deducting inclusion’s costing (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Pickup&Drops).
Open eZee Frontdesk Configuration >> Advance Settings >> Rental

Screenshot 3
: Map each rate type with each room type

Screenshot 4: Map Revenue Breakdown with Rate Type
Apply revenue breakdown: Define charges on Per Night (Charge will show after Night Audit) , Per Stay (Apply on full stay of guest), On Arrival ( on Check In only) , On Departure (On Check out only), On Room
Cost: Define revenue cost for adult, child, daily use adult and daily use child
Cost / Room: Activate cost on room
Amt.  (Amount) or Per. (Percentage): Activate cost on amount or percentage

Screenshot 4: You can find revenue breakdown report
Report >> Back Office Report >> Daily accommodation Breakup report

Revenue Breakdown