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How to configure POS to PMS integration in eZee Optimus?

POS to PMS is used to post room charge from eZee Optimus (POS) to eZee Absolute (PMS)


eZee Optimus >> Switch to back >> Settings >> 3 bullet points >> Option >> Integration

How to Access:

Please follow the below steps to do integration.


Room Posting option will be disabled from order type and it will be available from the settlement option only after this integration

Step 1: Active Integration Setting

Step 2: Add room posting payment (Master >> Payment >> Add >> name – Room Service >> Payment Method >> Posting >> Add Auth Key >> edit)

Note: Get auth code with below process

Step 3: Go to Absolute configuration Setting >> Master >> general >> extra charge >> Create Room service as a extra charge

Step 4: Go to Absolute configuration Setting >> Setting >> property >> Tax/account configuration >> POS2PMS Posting

Step 5: Restart Optimus and check settlement >>”Room Posting”

Step 6: Select the room for posting

You can check the posting details in Payment Summary.

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