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How to configure Kitchen Display System (KDS) in eZee Burrp 7.0?

What is Kitchen Display System (KDS)?
eZee Burrp provides an separate module for KDS (Kitchen Display System).
KDS displays table wise KOTs on screen, so chef can toggle between different views and select KOTs to view ordered food items, Bump/Fire the KOT once food is ready and it send notification alert on cashier terminal for waiter to collect food from the kitchen. 

1. You need KDS License
2. KDS works in regular touch screen monitor like TV screen
3. VGA cable works fine for Kitchen Display System (KDS)
4. Yes, we can manage KOT from iMenu, when we configure eZee Burrp interface with eZee iMenu. The settings will be picked up from Burrp >> settings and print KOT/KDS accordingly.

How to Access:
Please follow below steps to start KDS

Screenshot 1: Create Kitchen Monitor
eZee POS BackOffice >> Tools >> Kitchen Monitor >> NEW

Screenshot 2: Assign KDS Monitor to individual items
Screenshot 3: 
Assign KDS Monitor to all menu items (BulK Assign)
Screenshot 4: 
Go to Burrp  >> Settings >> Peripherals >> KOT Printer 

Screenshot 5:

You have restart Burrp and back office to apply this settings

Screenshot 6: Punch order and check on KDS
There are 3 kinds of KDS Mode available

Screenshot 6: