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How to Check-out a room in eZee Absolute?

Once the guest has departed from the hotel, it is necessary to perform the checkout operation in the Property Management System (PMS) as well. However, before completing the checkout operation, it is essential to update the guest’s balance to 0.

How to Access: In order to check out a room, please follow the below steps and video.

User Privilege: eZee absolute configuration >> User >> Edit user >> Privileges >> Front Office >> Access to check out guests.

1. Check out from the Stay View.

Location: eZee absolute PMS stay view >> click on Transaction >> check-out button.

Click on Transaction which you want to check out. More Option> Check-Out

2. Check Out from Edit Transaction.

Location: eZee absolute PMS stay view >> Edit transaction >> check-out button.

Click on Edit Transaction >> You will find the Check Out button on top. Refer to the screenshot provided below :

3. Check Out from Departure List.

Location: Click on Reservations (icon) >> Departures >> Click on three dots >> Check Out button.

Refer to the screenshot provided below :

Note: When the system does not allow the viewing checkout button it’s required to check the working date is the same as the guest departure date and also it’s required to check folio balance updated with 0.

Report: Select Guest Checked Out from the Report tab under Front Office Report.