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How to change Bill to option in Invoice? / How to bill invoice on Travel Agent name in eZee Absolute?

Bill to Travel Agent: When any booking received from the company so in this case that company e guest is from one of the Travel Agents and that Travel Agent will pay the charges of the guest in that case company wants a bill to with its name so we can do bill to Travel Agent in the eZee Absolute.

How to access: In order to bill to travel agent refer to the below video and steps.

Location: eZee front office  >>  Click on the reservation  >>  Edit Transaction  >>  Folio Details >>  Bill To  >>  Search for Travel Agent or other Guest  >>  Select your Travel Agent.

Pre-requisite: If we are looking to a bill to Travel Agent, The Travel Agents should be created at Travel Agent Database in eZee Absolute.


Select the travel agent which are you looking to bill to.

When we printing an invoice we can see the Travel agent name in Bill to option.