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How to apply / remove Stop sell in New Extranet?

Refer to the below attached video for the same.

On New Extranet we can apply/remove Stop sell in 3 ways.

1. Apply for more than one day (Rate & Inventory): If you want to apply stop sell for one or two days, you can do it from the Rate & Inventory.

  • Select Stop sells from the option.
  • Select dates on which you want to apply stop sell. you will see a cross mark, this means there is no stop sell applied on selected dates.
  • To apply Stop sell, click on cross marks and it will change to a Right icon, this means stop sell is applies for a selected date.
  • Repeat the same for other dates. you can see Red dots on dates, that means it’s Stop Sell applied for those dates.
  • Click on Save Button to apply Stop sell for all Selected dates.
  • A same Reverse process to Remove Stop sell, click on a Right icon to remove Stop sell, it will change to Cross again.

2. More than One month (Bulk Update): If you want to update stop sell for more then one month you can use a Bulk update, from here you can only apply Stop Sell for one Room Type / Rate plan at a time.

  • Click on Bulk Update from Rate & Inventory
  • Select Room Type, your dates, Stop sell option and Rate Plan
  • Click on On to apply Stop sell and off to remove Stop sell
  • Click on Update to apply Stop sell for selected dates.

3. More than one date or timeline (Distribution Wizard): To apply Stop sell more than one date or timeline, you can use Distribution Wizard, from here you can select more than one Rate plans and dates at a time.

  • Select Distribution Wizard from Rate & Inventory

  • Select Source, Stop sell option and Rates Plans on which you want to apply Stop sell
  • Click on Next to move the next steps.

  • Select your dates from Calendar, you can select multiple dates by click on add another.
  • Click on Next to move the final step.

  • Select Every Day to apply Stop sell on selected dates, it will apply Stop sell on all day (Monday to Sunday) within selected dates.
  • Turn on a button to apply Stop sell ()
  • Click on Update to apply Stop sell on selected dates.
  • To Remove Stop sell, follow the same steps, just at the end keep button off (As it is) and it will remove Stop sell.