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How to add the payment for group booking from Group Reservation in eZee Absolute 2.0? ( Adjust the receipt amount equally on all the rooms in the group? )

How to Access: In order to perform group payment operation please follow the below steps and video.

Location: eZee absolute PMS stay view >> Click on group >> Edit Reservation >> Folio Operations >> Add Payment >> Checkmark Group Payment (you can also select the folio’s for which you want to add payment) >> Enter the payment details >> Add >> Now you will get an option to choose “By Balance, Proportional and Manual”.

Options available to settle the amount:

  1. By Balance: If you want to settle the amount as per the balance of a particular room in the group.
  2. Proportional: If you want the amount to be settled equally in all the rooms in the group.
  3. Manual: If you want to settle the amount manually on all the rooms in the group, use this option.