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How to add session and set session rate in eZee optimus?

What is Session, Happy Hours, or Cocktail Hours?
POS offers discounts in a period of time or season called Happy hour. It can be unlimited food offers, Combo Offers, Free Drinks, discounted menu items, Weekend Offers, etc.

eZee Optimus >> Switch to Back >> Menu >> Session

How to Access:
In order to create the Happy hours for a particular menu item, Refer the below-mentioned steps for the same:

Screenshot 1:  Add Session

Step 2: Add Session rate/price name

Step 3: Add an item in this session to change the rate

Step 4: Add rate for the item. You can add one by one or export the xls file and add all the rate and import back as per given screen shot.

Step 5: Once rates are added, you can apply it on outlet.

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