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How to add room type in eZee absolute PMS system?

In eZee Absolute PMS, system rooms are categorized based on room type So room types that you have in your hotel like – Deluxe, Standard, Twin, etc. To add a room type, click on the ‘Add Room Type” button and fill in the required information. 

Location: eZee absolute configuration >> Rooms >> Room Type >> Add Room Type.

User Privilege: eZee absolute configuration >> User >> Edit user >> Privileges >> Configuration >> Access to Configuration Panel.

How to Access: In order to add room type please follow the below steps.

Shortcode: Short name for the room type you want to define.

Room Type: The name of the room types you have in your hotel. 

Base A(Adult)/C(Child): Adult: Number of base adult you allow to stay in this room type. Child: Number of the base child you allow to stay in this room type. 

Max A(Adult) / C(Child): Adult: Maximum number of adults you will allow to accommodate in this room type. Child: Maximum number of child you will allow to accommodate in this room type. 

Publish to the website: Check-mark this option if you want to publish/show this room type on your website for online Reservation of rooms.

Color: It will change the color of the icon for that room type in the front office.

Select Room Amenities: This will list all the amenities you have configured so that you can check-mark them to offer them in this room type. 

Select Taxes: We have opened up tax mapping at the room type level. So basically when bookings are taken in PMS, it will first check tax mapping at the room type level, if that found then its respected room type level tax will be mapped on booking. If room-type level tax mapping not found then it will consider our normal Room Revenue tax mappings.  

Once you add room type it would be listed like the above screenshot.

Note: Once the details are entered and saved, you can anytime edit the details by clicking on the edit option (pencil icon) in the action column. 

Added room type is shown in the eZee absolute stay view as above screenshot.