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How to add rate configuration for different order types and change rate plan in eZee Optimus?

What is “Rate Configuration”?

We may use the rate configuration to add a different pricing for the same item on various floors or order types. From here, we will generate multiple rate plans.

For Example : If we have a different different prices for Ac floor & Non Ac floor so we can us this option.

How to create a new rate plan?

eZee Optimus >> Switch to Back >> Menu >> Rate Configuration >> Rate Plan >> Rate list

Step-1: Adda new Rate Plan (Rate List)

Step-2: Select the rate>> Define Rate name (For Example Ac Floor)

Step 3: Now we have to click on the rate configuration, and from the rate column, we can select the rate plan name . Now we have to add the items.

Now we have two options for adding the items in the rate configuration.

  1. Import
  2. Bulk Upload

How to Import the rate configuration?

  1. First we have to get the format & then we have to add the all the items, price , rate plan etc.

Now we have to fill all this information.

After adding this we have to import the items.

How to Upload the items in Bulk?

Now we can either choose the items or, if we want to add all of items, we must select all and click on add.

Now we have to change the price & update it.

Rate (This will be your rate plan name): You have to update the rates according to your requirements under its section

Once your rates are configured for the rate plan please click on “Save” to save the setting.

Step 3: Set a rate plan / price setting for every order type in the Outlet

Once the setting is updated as per the above steps then you are ready to take orders according to rate plan rates.

User Privileges: eZee Optimus >> Switch to Back >> Settings >> User >> Privilege

1) Access to Back Office

2) Rate Configuration & Change Rate Plan

You may also change a rate plan from the front office when ordering.

Now we can select and save the rate plan.

Do visit on live chat support if you have any further queries for the eZee Optimus.

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