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How to add open item and get open item report in eZee Optimus?

What is Open Item?
An Open Item is an empty product listing that allows the server to enter a custom name and price for the item which is not present in the list of menu items or special orders.

eZee Optimus >> Go to Back >> Outlet >> Item >> Add Menu item

How to Access:
Please find the below steps for making an item open


Step 1: Add menu item as open Item and checkmark on Ask name,Item Name can be changeYou may refer the below screenshot for the same
Step 2 Check mark on Open Price, Item Price can be change under price range
Step 3: Add item in the menu management

Step 4: Now Go to front and take order with open item, you can change item name

Step 5Enter Price of menu item.

Step 6: Open Item Report:  Menu Item Sales Details

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