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How to create customize menu items with Add-ons or extra choices in eZee Optimus?

What is the Modifier Item?
Modifier item is toppings, add-ons, or special requests on ordered item. Modifiers are used to customize Items by providing additional options. Example:

Category: Tikka
Menu Item: Crocodile Tikka
         1. Modifier 1: Accompaniments (Boiled Potatoes, Parsley Potatoes, Roast Potatoes)
         2. Modifier 2: Sauces (Arturo Seafood Sauce, Aglio Olio, Pepper Corn Sauce)

eZee Optimus >> Switch to back >> Menu >> Item >> Modifier

eZee Optimus >> Switch to back >> Menu >> Item
Link: How to add/edit outlet item (Import & manual) in eZee Optimus?


Output: View Lay out (Web). This is how item will appear on the order screen

Output: View Lay out (Optimus 2.0 Desktop App)

How to Access:
Please follow below steps to add modifier in menu group

Step 1: Add modifier group and item

Step 2:  Add modifier groups to menu item