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How to add menu item BOM( Bill of material/ Inventory Consumption) in eZee Optimus?

What is menu item BOM – Inventory Consumption?
When we punch menu item in the outlet, our store item got reduce to make item. Set menu item BOM to manage inventory consumption.
Example, Sell a sandwich from POS so we will add sandwich’s ingredients in the Menu item BOM.

Note: Store Inventory will be deducted as menu items are punched and sold in POS.

eZee Optimus  >> Go to Back >> Store >> Menu Item BOM  >> Menu Item

eZee Optimus  >> Go to Back >> Store  >> Inventory Item

How to access: Please refer below screenshots for configuration
1. Manually
2. Export/Import

Screenshot 1: Manually Menu item BOM

Screenshot 2: Add inventory item to make this item

Screenshot 3: Import/Export BOM

Screenshot 4: Enter all the BOM details in the excel sheet as per the format.

Screenshot 5:  Import excel file

Screenshot 6:  Map Item and finish it

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