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How to apply discount(item discount) on a specific item in eZee Optimus?

What is Item Discount?
Item discount is used to give discount on one specific item in an order. Discount can be given in 2 ways. 
1. Percentage.
2. Amount.


StepsView Lay out (Web). This is how discount will appear on the order screen


             Optimus 2.0 Desktop Application.


Steps : View Lay out (Optimus 2.0 Desktop App)


Process to create item discount.

Step 1: Add the discount name, select Apply on Item and type – % or Amount

Discount Value:
Open Discount:  You can define discount range so user can apply any number of discount.

Example: Maximum Discount : 20% ( User can apply 0 to 20% between any discount)
Tax Exempted: Discount is not apply on Tax

Visibility Settings:
Inactive order type:   Default discount apply on all order type. You can inactive/remove  any order type for the discount

Timing:   Discount active time

Other Setting:
Ask Remark:   Active remarks note while apply discount (Optional)

Step 2: To apply discount on each item
eZee Optimus >> Switch to back >> Menu >> Item

Step 3: To apply discount on Bulk Item
eZee Optimus >> Switch to back >> Menu >> Item

Step 4: Add user discount here.

Step 5: Back office Report  >> Discount Details



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