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How to add Extra Charges on a room? (eZee Absolute)

To add extra charges for any booking like a meal, water, extra bed, etc, you can use Add Extra Charges option in eZee Absolute.

Location: Edit Transaction >> Folio Details

User Privilege: eZee absolute configuration >> User >> Edit user >> Privileges >> Cashiering >> Add item to Open Folio, Add item to Close Folio.

Above Privileges for a future date or current date, to post extra charges for past/audited date you can checkmark Add item on Audited Date.

Note: To edit extra charges there are privileges under Cashiering like Edit item on an audited date and Edit item on an open date, to void extra charges Void item on an audited date and Void item on open date privileges are there.

Path: Edit Transaction >> Folio Detail (Tab) >> (Select) Type = Extra Charge >> (Select) Name of Extra Charge >> Enter Amount >> ADD.


Report: To see extra charge details which we posted for a particular date you can simply refer Daily Extra Charge – Detail Report.