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How to add expense voucher (Pay in /Pay out) in eZee Optimus?

Expense Voucher is hotelier’s accounts payable.  It will allow you to enter all the expenses that the front office or the cashier does during the day.

Pay Out Vouchers: Hotel personal expense like newspaper bill, telephone charge or  Hotel paid out bills on behalf of the guest and added to the guest Invoice like Doctor fees paid, Medicines purchased, Cash against Credit Card
Pay In Vouchers: Hotel get extra income in petty cash like sale of swimming costume, sale scrap of newspapers

eZee Optimus >> Shift Management >> Transaction >> Pay Out / Pay In

How to Access:
Follow below steps to add expense voucher

Step 1: Active Shift Management (Note : You are only allow to turn on other user shift)

Step 2: You can add expenses

Step 3: Cashier Shift reports