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How to add several currencies or exchange rate in eZee Burrp BackOffice 7.0?

What is the exchange rate?
When a guest is paying with different currencies, we have to define the exchange rate.

Define all the currencies that you are collecting from the guest.

eZee POS Back Office >> Configuration >> Payments and Accounts >> Exchange Rate >> New/Edit >> Add/Edit Details >> Save.

eZee Burrp BackOffice >> Configuration >> User Operation >> Edit >> Privilge >> Property Configuration >> User management >> System configuration >> Configure currency exchange rate.

How to Access:
Please refer below screenshot for more information.

Screenshot 1: Here you can define other countries exchange rate

Note: Make a new entry for a new exchange rate which is applicable.

Screenshot 2: Add Payment Information field on the template to display the exchange rate on receipt.

Screenshot 3: Select the required exchange rate from Select Currency.

Screenshot 3:  Exchange rate information on the receipt.

Screenshot 4: Shift Report

Screenshot 5: Cashier Sales Report